(self-released), from Minneapolis, MN

Suggested single, "I Will Wait"
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The Violet Nines are a vibrant outfit with alternative rock sounds influenced by funk, pop and R&B.
With humble beginnings in the bar scene (at times, playing 3+ hours of music straight), then soloist Nick Eagon crossed paths with some of Minneapolis, MN’s finest musicians. Of those players were O’SAY (the self-taught keys prodigy who met Nick by accident at a jam session), Benjamin Cline (coworker of Nick’s and renowned saxophonist) and Andy Elmeer (childhood best friend and bandmate since middle school). But the troupe wasn’t truly formed until social discomfort turned serendipitous.
Ever found yourself at a party—not knowing a soul—and suddenly you're that person, alone in the corner? That's where Nick and Veronica Fritsch each found themselves one night when, a conversation sparked and a shared love of creating music was discovered. A week later, after the singer of Nick's band quit unexpectedly before a studio session, he knew who to call and The Violet Nines were born.
That story sums the band up well—a group of party pariahs who become vibrant and alive when making music together. About a year from that first recording session in 2017, the band released Midnight Muse, their debut LP, which helped solidify the group being known for their multi-fronted approach (imagine something like if Foster the People had a female co-lead).
The Violet Nines expanded on their elaborate brand of music this spring, releasing their Cloud 9 EP. Cloud 9 is the culmination of dream-state vibes, over prominent rhythmic grooves, and emotive melodies. Coming off of this release, The V9 have played the legendary First Avenue Main Room, supporting Ike Reilly. Those that experience The Violet Nines will encounter contagious drum beats, sweeping vocals, rousing saxophone and guitar.