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(self-released), from Toronto

Suggested Singles: 
"And The Moon Rising" (track #1)
"Sweet Bitter" (track #9)
"Tell Me What It Looks Like" (track #10)

Stream/Download here


I dropped out of school in the 1960s to play rock and roll. With the exception of road trips home in winter, lying on speakers packed into the back of the van (yes, bumping my face into the frozen roof over rough roads) it was a satisfying life. I did not perceive it as a privileged position at the time; we were just making our way, doing what we loved.

Later, music would drop me back into (and, crucially, pay my way through) school, gigging six nights a week throughout southern Ontario, attending classes by day, with some tours to Canada’s Maritime provinces when school was out, backing up lounge singers who had steady work.

Back in school, I found that I could still earn a living playing music. This was not always as romantic a prospect as one might think—indeed, there were times when it was surprisingly utilitarian, even in the odd bleak moment—but I had a good ear, as my mother had, and I was grateful to be able to pick up repertoire quickly. Indeed, I still am.

Music continued throughout a resulting career in education, during which I performed in many satisfying musical projects, professionally and recreationally, and quite often with people I met initially as students.

“Let’s make a record,” said Marcus Vichert, my producer, long-time friend, and musical accomplice, and this album is the result. It comprises six of my own songs, including one co-written with Marcus, and four interpretations I have played over the years, and feel close to. Give it a listen. I hope you enjoy it!

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