(self-release), from Toronto

Suggested Single, "The Thought of Tomorrow" (track #1)
Video here
also recommended: "Curious Waves" (track #8)


Stream/Download here


Welcome to Third Development. Born out of a burning desire to create art at a time where there was nowhere to go but ‘within’, lead band member and Canadian Recording Artist Geoffrey James was drawn into a creative process in 2020, composing the band’s debut album, The Thought of Tomorrow. James continues to deliver singles as Third Development collaborates with artists from around the globe, separated by distance but united in perfection.

All of Third Development’s material has been Mixed by Sara Fedi in Tuscany, Italy and Mastered by Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar at The Lodge in NYC, U.S.A.

To date, Third Development has collaborated with artists from the U.K., Canada, Italy, Finland, and the U.S. as James embraces our connected planet while pursuing true artistic freedom.