(self released) from Richmond, VA

Suggested Single, "Last Time" (track #5)
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“This is what might've happened if Roy Orbison had replaced Michael Stipe in R.E.M."

The Silent Boys are a band shrouded in mystery. Years spent in obscurity hide a back catalog of eight albums, awash in ear-tugging jangle rock/pop and an undercurrent of haunting, Factory Records-style post-punk. The Silent Boys pull you into their sometimes upbeat, sometimes somber world where time has stopped in the mid-80’s with, as one writer noted, "Ultra-melodic lead guitar, strumming acoustic, snappy drums, and expressive bass-lines that propel finely crafted pop songs, brimming with lyrical optimism.”


The Silent Boys sound like a retro-80’s band because, in every way, they ARE one! Band leader and founder Wallace Dietz began his musical journey at college in the early 80’s, crafting his first songs on a $20 department-store guitar while original drummer Tom Bowling banged out beats on metal Kool-Aid cans. Espousing the DIY ethic of the college alternative rock scene, Dietz borrowed an electric guitar and secured a child-size drum kit for 6 ft 4 Bowling for their first studio session in 1986. The Silent Boys continued to record throughout the 80’s (mostly with proper instruments!), and now, 40 years later, with their amps and guitars locked into the same settings as their formative years, the Silent Boys have released their latest album, “Tilt-A-Whirl.”


Inspired by life’s many twists and turns, “Tilt-A-Whirl” covers a myriad of themes, filtered through the perspective of Dietz’s experiences as a high school counselor. The Silent Boys present songs about chasing love and adventure, the allure of autumn days at a deserted beach, and finding inspiration for creativity in city living. Acknowledging life doesn’t often unfold as expected, there are songs about the soullessness of consumerism, the turmoil from accepting a false image of beauty, and the dread from retreating to imaginary places to escape ridicule. For the Silent Boys, however, there’s always an underlying sense of hope derived from self-reflection, new perspectives, resilience, and forging ahead. 


The Silent Boys were once a constant part of the Richmond, Virginia alternative music scene, playing the local club circuit from the mid-80s until 1991. Dietz reformed the group in 1999 after the release of several Silent Boys songs on various indie record labels. Since then, he has continued to write songs with a nod to the guitar pop greats of the 80’s—the Feelies, REM, the Smiths, the Go-Betweens and others. Although the line-up has shifted over the years, the Silent Boys currently consist of singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Dietz, longtime lead guitarist John Suchocki, drummer John Morand, and bassist Michael Click. 


“We’ve been faithfully and consistently producing infectious 80’s style guitar pop since 1986,” says Dietz. “We’ve been keeping our heads down, flying under the radar, and moving from one collection of songs to the next one without pausing to showcase our music.” 


Because of their steadfast attention to forming choruses, choosing words, and constructing layers of melody, the Silent Boys have grown more adept with each album as they endlessly chase the perfect pop song decade after decade. At this point, they are the rare band that can elicit emotions of nostalgia and newness at the same time. Their vibe is timeless.


Time for the Silent Boys to come out from hiding!