(self released) from Destin, FL

Suggested single, "Oh Banana"
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The Pierce Project is comprised of 3 brothers, Jimmy, 23, Luke, 18 and Nick 16 along with their dad Joe. Founded by Jimmy in the summer of 2018 with the idea to produce a 'one day album' in which all songs would be written, recorded and mastered in a day...the quartet realised they had a lot of decent material and maybe should take it a bit more seriously. Thus began the year long effort to produce the band's debut double album Last Days of Summer. Released in 2019 and recently remixed and remastered, Last Days of Summer contain 24 songs calling back to an earlier time in popular music. After that release, the band decided to begin work on their follow up album 'Songs for Emi' a tribute to their other brother Matthew's first child Emylia. 


All the members enjoy writing and recording and they work collaboratively in their music. You will hear different styles brought out by the different writers in the music, and if you write it, you sing it so they have different sounding vocals across songs. Jimmy is a full time student at USC graduate film school, Luke just graduated high school and Nick is a junior. Joe owns a software company (at least until the music takes off...then..bye bye.)