(self released) from Richmond, VA

Suggested Single, "One Day You'll Discover" (track #2)
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“This is far from a novice recording nor the product of precocious youth... a mature and thoughtful work of performance
art and eludes easy classification.”

A rising star in the indie music scene, frontman Stephen Jacques and multi-instrumentalist producer Alan Weatherhead (The Cardigans, Cracker, Sparklehorse) collaborate on this exceptional body of work. These alt-rock recordings are a manifestation of material Stephen gathered throughout his career as engineer, custom builder, actor, and TV host. 300+ American Radio Stations have played previous release Submission Admission often cited as a “little masterpiece.” With a worldwide fan base, one day he's on a California radio station tour, next a London radio station premieres his CD. Stephen's 9th and much awaited solo release Charmed to Death is at radio NOW!