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Too Good To Be True Records (France), from Richmond

Suggested Single: "Christine" (track #2)

Stream/Download here

The Silent Boys, a band shrouded in mystery, have spent years in obscurity, hiding a back catalog of eight albums, awash in ear-tugging jangle rock/pop and an undercurrent of haunting, Factory Records-style post-punk. The Silent Boys pull you into their upbeat and sometimes somber world where time has stopped in the mid-80’s. They sound like a retro-80’s band because, in every way, they ARE an 80’s band!


The Silent Boys were once a constant part of the Richmond, Virginia alternative music scene, playing the local club circuit from the mid-80s until 1991. Wallace Dietz reformed the group in 1999 after the release of several Silent Boys songs on various indie record labels (Firestation/Kindercore/Tweenet). Since then, the group has continued to write songs with a nod to the guitar pop greats of the 80’s—the Feelies, REM, the Smiths, the Go-Betweens and others.


Now, nearly 40 years since their origin, the Silent Boys have released their latest album, “Sand To Pearls, Coal To Diamonds.”


With steadfast attention to choruses, lyrics, and melody, the Silent Boys grow more adept with each album as they endlessly chase the perfect pop song. They are the rare band that simultaneously elicits emotions of both nostalgia and newness. Their vibe is timeless.

Time for the Silent Boys to come out from hiding!

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