(self released) from Costa Rica & Austin

NEW Single, "Like A Child"

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If there’s one intriguing thing about Ranzel X Kendrick as an artist. It may be how he manages to write and compose between the defined genre lines so easily. As if he’s creating his own genre as he goes. What 3-artists does Kendrick most remind you of? There’s not one that comes to mind. Ranzel X has a genuinely fresh originality to his wide-ranging songwriting.


“Ranzel X Kendrick is bringing a sound that is fantastically entertaining and boldly original.” Glitter and Stilettos-Lifestyle Fashion Music Blog


Ranzel’s music is not purist anything. But you get a lot of powerfully different blended influences from his extensive catalog of songs. Starting at the core with acoustic-based Texas Roots & Americana as his foundation, he transitions to his “Alias Wayne” more-electric departures of Rock’n Jazzy Blues numbers. It’s always a diverse yet cohesive pleasant ride listening to Ranzel X Kendrick.


“I became more of a fan after hearing more of his songs. His talent is evident within the delivery even when he’s covering a song and I also appreciate his skill as a songwriter.” IsraBox Music-Is-Life


Now living the dream in Costa Rica, splitting time between his home on the Caribbean Sea near Puerto Viejo, at his “Casa Pool-a-Vida” rental. And his central mountain range paradise “Reventazon River Mountain Lodge” across from the smoking Turrialba Volcano. Kendrick and love Mia are hosting travelers from around the world.