(self-release), from Tampa, FL

BRAND NEW Single, "A Week Ago"
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Phantom Phunk is a science lab experiment gone wrong. It’s not a chemical concoction that has been precisely mixed. It’s more like a Frankenstein of hacked pieces somehow coming together to make something unique. Each member has their own shape and style, yet they connect just enough to make music that is enticing and thoughtful. Sounds stitch together bumping beats and psychedelic undertones. Vocals oscillate between rap and soul. The tones collect into something unexpected, but still memorable… Songs that catch you in a time, a place, a moment for wonder of what might just happen next.

“A Week Ago” is one of those windows-down summer jams that you can shamelessly sing into your steering wheel as you slurp lemonade and drive off into the sunset.

Coming out in the summer days, following the 2020 quarantine, Phantom Phunk brings a refreshing feel with their summer bop “A Week Ago”. They are a band that splices hip-hop lyricism, soulful vibes, and funky grooves  (reminiscent of The Pharycde, and a Tribe Called Quest) they are creating moving works of music and visuals.