(self released) from Milwaukee, WI


 Single, "Home" 
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Paul Karcz  (pron cars) is an American-born singer, songwriter, composer, and performer currently residing in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A life-long devotee of the hard rock and metal genres, Karcz is best known as the frontman for a variety of Milwaukee-based bands, most recently as the lead vocalist and lyricist for the heavy metal band Imperial Fall. 
A self-taught musician, Karcz started playing guitar and quickly developed a passion for songwriting along the way. He eventually formed his first original band, Spiral Trance, back in 1995.

“At the time, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. But after a lot time and hard work, it all paid off and Spiral Trance went on to greater things. We ended up doing five national tours and eventually signing to East Coast record label Rat Pak Records. It was definitely beyond anything we ever set out to do...”

Fast forward to 2020, now Karcz is adding “solo artist” to the list of his endeavors with the release of his current single, Home. Rooted in hard rock with a haunting, piano-based melody, Home emotes a somber, melancholy tone to set the mood. With heartfelt and soul-stirring lyricism, Karcz encourages the listener to dig deep, alluding to the thought and ultimate embrace of vulnerability. 

When asked about the song’s meaning, Karcz says, “A lot of people often use the phrase: "Home is where the heart is. In this case though, Home IS the heart. It’s a safe place to be.”

"Home" marks the first solo release for Karcz. He is currently writing new material and anticipates an EP to follow in 2021. 
Paul Karcz is a four-time Wisconsin Area Music Industry Award winner, an Indie Gathering International Film Fest winner, a two-time ASCAP Grammy Showcase winner, a UK Songwriting Contest finalist, and a two-time Los Angeles Music Awards nominee.