(self-release), from Vancouver, Canada

Special Holiday single "Christmas In The North"

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Canadian radio star, songwriter, guitarist, singer, producer, hardrocker, Father Christmas for thousands of families and motivational speaker – TheMightyOne mastermind Tim Steinruck is a man of many talents, the mightiest one being his big, all-inviting heart that lets people in and oozes a steady flow of positivity into the world. This heart is also the bi-directional hub that feeds his warm soul into all of Steinruck’s activities – particularly his music – and acts as an open door to the man himself.


Today, a formidable yet gentle moose is walking out of this door and carries a Norwegian-Canadian gift for us in form of a strong, engaging, headbang-inducing Christmas song. Christmas In The North features uprising Norwegian force VIKING QUEEN and North-Sami singer Kay Somby. Wait, you say. How did this strange thing happen, you ask? There is a story to it of course, a story of self-denial turned into friendship, energy and a beam of positivity and hope firing back and forth across the big pond, an awesome European-American dream.

For Tim aka Father Christmas all this is inseparable from the world’s current situation and from his newly-found relationship to Viking Queen, that he describes as a very special and familiar one: “Throughout COVID we would meet almost weekly online over Skype to have these crazy parties that involved a lot of 'cheers' to the computer camera. These parties would last for hours and because we were in radically different time zones, sometimes one of us would pass out for a while. I remember waking up from one of these 'naps' and Geir (Miranda, manager of Viking Queen) saying ‘Tim, we need to do a Christmas song together.’ In a fog I said ‘what would it be called?’ In that moment 'Christmas In The North' was born.”

Christmas in the North is all about Christmas love and – yes – Covid Magic, a weird word tailored to describe both influence and result of the pandemic to a fundamentally positive mind: “Many people complain about the fear, uncertainty and challenge that COVID has created. How it's turned their life upside down. My experience has been completely opposite to that. I feel it has been the greatest opportunity to get clear on my purpose, which is to live a rockstar reality everyday. ‘Christmas In The North’ is a product of what I call COVID Magic. It's been the greatest gift. What's not important in my life has been stripped away. All that remains is family, friends, creativity and deep passion to rock and roll all night and party every day.”

While the musical heritage of TheMightyOne got nurtured by the likes of AC/DC, Van Halen, Motley Crue and late 1980’s to early 2000’s hard rock and metal of KISS, VanHalen, Faith No More, Foo Fighters and Audioslave, Christmas In The North is a very special kind of a powerful beast. A true anthem with Viking genes giving testament to friendship while hailing the Christmas spirit.