(self-released), from Richmond, VA

Suggested Single: "Driving Evil Spirits Crazy" (track #1)
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Where’s Wallace?


Wallace’s latest music pop-up is The Grain Hoppers. His new batch of tunes didn’t quite fit the template for any of his other groups- nowhere near the post-punk somber jangle of the Silent Boys, missing the punk angst and sarcasm of the Shattered Hopes, and too smooth for the rough and tumble indie rock Steam Train Hearts.


Realizing that these songs needed a sturdy backbone, the first thing Wallace did was reel in the veteran, power-packed rhythm section of Blee Child (Steam Train Hearts) and Michael Click (the Silent Boys).


New tunes require new tones, so Wallace began searching for a lead guitarist with a background including indie rock, punk, and country but excluding jam bands and Dave Matthews.


When told of these requirements, drummer-about-town Blee, without pause, blurted, “Grant”. Grant, fit the “versatility” bill, having played in an indie rock group, a country ensemble, and an “X” cover band. Furthermore, he could spin a web of melody and deftly shift gears from chaotic to angelic. With Grant in the mix, the “perfect storm” for brewing ear bending music for pop addicts was now in place.


We are The Grain Hoppers……..because that’s the best ride when hopping freight trains.


Fun fact about the group- the Grain Hoppers double as a Joy Division tribute band. Sometimes they bust out into a classic number like “Transmission,” startling the unsuspecting audience.


The Grain Hoppers have concocted an irreverent cocktail of REM, Neil Young, and the Replacements in their folk rocking-est moments with a splash of Daniel Johnston. They welcome you into their sometimes serious, sometimes humorous pop-garage-rock world where battles are waged with anxiety, deals are made with the Devil’s son, Mountain Dew addiction warps your mind, and white guys aren’t allowed to play the Delta Blues.


Featuring Grant Oliver’s dynamic guitar melodies, Blee Child’s dynamo drumming, Michael Click’s ever bouncing bass, and Wallace Dietz’s passionate vocals, The Grain Hoppers are overflowing with emotional energy.


Don’t just take a sip- knock it back! That pleasant sensation will hit you before you know it.