(self-release), from Los Angeles, CA

Suggested Single: Track 3, "GPA"

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If reviewers such as Hollywood Digest, Dancing About Architecture, Indie Pulse Music, Woke Chimp, and Vents Magazine provide any indication, the Southern California rock group Dizzy Box Nine uses elements of “innate intuition” to create “amphetamine-fueled” music that is “invigorating and moving” and blends “West Coast punk/rock charm” with “80s new wave,” “pop-punk,” and “alt-rock” stylistics, creating “authentic” music that is “warm like the Venice Beach sidewalks” which at times creates a “Svengali-like hold on the listener.”  Dizzy Box Nine has been compared to bands such as the Cars, the Police, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Tom Petty, RHCP, and MXPX.  And yet, Dizzy Box Nine has created its own signature sound that is unique and stands on its own.  In fact, their songs have been described as “catchy,” “well-written,” and “memorable.” 

The band was created in the summer of 2016 by singer-guitarist Randy Ludwig, and features guitarist Tony Robles and drummer Amos Przekaza.  Dizzy Box Nine is averaging a new album release nearly every year, and they have experienced noteworthy levels of radio success.  In fact, their 2020 release, Faster Than Anticipation was added to more than 100 radio stations in the US and Canada, and peaked at #176 on the college radio charts, where it remained in the top 250 for 7 straight weeks!  Their current release, Last Call Before the Fall, offers up 12 “interesting, surprising, and authentic” songs, and has been called “their strongest release to date” (L.A. Music Press). 

Eclecticism and simplicity help drive the Dizzy Box Nine sound.  “We have been inspired by all kinds of music, and this clearly shows in our songs,” Randy says.  Dizzy Box Nine attempts to connect with its audience in different ways.  “We strive to have something interesting to say, but we also want to communicate messages through sounds as well—the sounds themselves can be very appealing.”  Perhaps L.A. Music Press says it best when they state, Dizzy Box Nine has a very appealing sound, which almost catches you by surprise initially.  And then you realize, this is not just a collection of catchy 3-chord pop songs, there’s actually an interesting level of depth, melodicism, and authenticity to these songs—both lyrically and musically.”  Perhaps you’ll agree.