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I was practically born into music. From an early age my sister would take me along to punk shows in L.A. When I'd like something, I'd rock out. When I didn't, I'd hide behind my sister's hair. Since then I have worked as:

-Clerk at Tower Records, Anaheim, CA (1993-1995)
-Music Director for College station KLBC (Long Beach, CA)
-College Rep for EMI Music, CA (1994-1997)
-Intern for Mercury Records, CA (1994-1995)
-Personal Assistant to Danny Elfman, CA (1995-1997)
-Promoter for rave club Magic Wednesdays, CA (1996-1997)
-College/Specialty Radio for Ignition Records, NYC (1997-1998)
-College/Specialty/Tertiary Radio for Tommy Boy, NYC (1998-2002)

Once Tommy Boy went out of business in 2002, I took a long, hard look at what I wanted to do. The result? Notorious Radio. Helping bands when they need help the MOST (at the beginning), and giving them the same brand of attention I gave the bands at the labels. Only now without any of the bullshit trappings of "The Music Industry".

I am always asked: so who have you worked with that I might have heard of? To name a few:

Queen Esther, Luke Wade, DB Rielly, The Suburbs, Rezillos, Rob Drabkin, Rustic Overtones, Broadcast (RIP Trish), De La Soul, Adam Franklin/Toshack Highway, Betty Soo, Five For Fighting, Marcy Playground, Everlast, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Adicts, Imagine Dragons (as an MP3 project in 2010), Glasvegas (as an MP3 project in 2006), Saint Motel, Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos and more. 

I live and work in Oyster Bay, NY with my husband Daniel and three cats Nero, Billy and Burt. Outside of music, my passions including kayaking, urban gardening, tap dancing, horror/sci-fi movies and Woodstock. 

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