(self-released), from Sarasota, FL

Suggested Single: "Painkiller" (track #1)
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Because Villains is writer, singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist and general "ist" self taught musician Travis James in the studio + full live band. Launched in April 2020 (Worst. Timing. Ever.) That didn't stop the critically acclaimed debut Nesting Glitch Case (featuring Goodbye) from being one of the fastest college + indie adds climbing all the way to #102 in the US and charted #2 in Canada. The follow up Breathe Fast Slowly (“What You Say” + “Last Word”) was licensed to MTV, DISCOVERY, and TLC networks before spinning on specialty radio coast to coast. Travis was recently a guest on the internationally syndicated "Just Another Menace" show along with the singles from his latest trilogy.  Enter: YES. Brutal, straightforward, big, personal.  Left of pop center huge hooks written from a rock universe. Self funded and independently made for now- which isn't possible without RADIO support!  Thank you for your time and for checking out YES.

"It is safe to say that James writes good songs.  Actually make that great songs." -Dancing About Architecture

"...powerful...vibrant...poetic...a true delight to behold and deserve(s) to be blasted... masters of their craft" - Beachsloth