(self released) from Austin & Costa Rica

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Alias Wayne is the fun alter ego music of singer-songwriter guitarist Ranzel X Kendrick.


A kindred spirit to his Texas Roots Americana base, Alias slides into more electric Rock-n-Roll, Blues, Jazzy Funky whatever the music wants to do wherever the musicians and singers take it.


Influences range across the spectrum with Alias, but keep an endearing faithfulness to Kendrick’s authentic soul rendered “music to live by.” It’s as much fun as it is offensive at times.


Outside the box and happy to be, Alias gives Kendrick the perfect outlet to play with louder amp sounds and settings and free expression. Exploring fun inspiring grooves, rhythms and vibes with a cast of his brilliantly skilled musician and singer friends.


Alias Wayne FAVS pulls the best of Alias out and rocks the world a little while getting intimate too.


Album and song reviews have repeated the same thing from different sources: "You’ll want to put it on repeat. Or… As with all Kendrick’s music it sounds best when you play it on a loop."