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About What I Do

I am an Independent Radio Promotion & Marketing Company that specializes in unsigned & self-released bands. I WILL NEVER WORK WITH A MAJOR LABEL ARTIST...EVER. The essence of what I do is: get music I believe in to my contacts in radio, follow up with those contacts & try to gain airplay of your music. At the very least, should the record not take off the way we expected it to, I get feedback from these "tastemakers" which can be an incredibly valuable tool for an up & coming band. The formats I deal with are:

-Alternative Specialty/New Music Shows: shows with the musicality of College Radio with the exposure of Commercial Radio. 
-AAA/Non-Commercial Radio: a slightly older demo, I call it rock for people who don't like to ROCK, or pop for people who don't like POP. 
-Americana: roots, twang, folk, bluegrass, great musical storytellers and more

I know there are a million independent promotion companies out there for you to choose from. Some I know to be reputable, some I know to be a rip-off. SPOILER ALERT, nobody can GUARANTEE success at radio no matter how much they charge. So, how am I different? Why should YOU choose Me?

-I SPECIALIZE in the unsigned and self-released artists. A lot of companies will showcase a few up-and-coming bands here and there, while the majority of their roster are major label and major indie label bands. Guess who gets the bulk of their attention?

-I only promote to a select group of stations per format. Out of the hundreds to choose from, these are the ones I feel "get it" and aren't afraid to play up-and-coming bands as opposed to a playlist full of major label artists. This also keeps me from spreading my efforts too thin, and I can give YOU the focus.

-I don't pitch every band I listen to. It does me NO good to contact radio every week if I am not 100% confident in what I am promoting. This also means if I am contacting you about moving forward, I am serious about wanting to work with YOU. And I think YOU have a great chance of airplay at the stations I work with.

-I put YOU in touch with the folks at radio who are supporting you. Lots of companies hang on to their contacts TIGHT. I believe in giving the artist every chance of success, and as such, I give you direct contact info for the very people who have helped make it possible, and can continue to make it possible years down the road.

-There are NO hidden fees. Some companies will quote you one thing then charge you another, be it for phone bills, exorbitant mailing costs, tour marketing, email blasts, etc. There are NO hidden fees with Notorious Radio. Included in my agreed upon fees (which ARE much lower than my competitors) I get your music played, handle tour marketing (where applicable), send you reports every other week, feature you in your own exclusive email blasts as well as sharing with our other clients in our weekly email blasts to radio and put you in direct contact with your supporters. REALLY.

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