In Memoriam


We are always asked: so who have you worked with that I might have heard of? To name a few: Luke Wade, Rustic Overtones, Broadcast, De La Soul, Adam Franklin/Toshack Highway, Betty Soo, Five For Fighting, Marcy Playground, Everlast, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Prince Paul, Imagine Dragons (as an MP3 project in 2010), Glasvegas (as an MP3 project in 2006), Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos. Our more recent successes are listed below, by year.

Liz's E-book, "Fundamentals of DIY Radio Promotion", is available here! To purchase, email by clicking here


Space Waves (self-release) have scored a local ADD at awesome Commercial indie station KXRN/Laguna Beach also, Internationally Syndicated show host Don Campau/No Pigeonholes has their photo up on his site!

No Blitz (self-release) score a regular rotation ADD on Commercial Alternative KACV/Amarillo with their awesome tune "Changes"!!!

Victoria Canal (Lucky Ciara) has been featured on SRN/Canada (chatting with the legendary Thom Savino) and WBSD/Burlington-Racine so far with her release of EP Into The Pull. Her video for lead single, "Unclear" now has over 115k views and still climbing!!!

Pete MacLeod (Stepping Stone) is now touring all over the UK, opening for such acts as Jesus and Mary Chain and Happy Mondays. His new single "Minotaur"has been featured all over BBC Radio as well!!!


Queen Esther (self-release) had a feature and live show via WFUV!!!

Brett Vogel (self-release) had the #1 sales for AAA at Amazon with his new release, Never Giving Up!!!

Dan Tedesco (self-release) recently, after over a year off and on the road, did a live set for Iowa Public Radio that is now LIVE for streaming!!!

Gal Holiday (Milo Records) toured Europe with help from radio support of their last two albums!!!

Greg Anton (self-release) recently got to speak about his book and song he co-wrote with Robert Hunter on a live phoner with the legendary Wildman Steve!!!

Native Alien Tribe (self-release) gets radio support for their slots at InkFest in NC!!!

Devon (Mondo Tunes) gets the ADD and a feature on WBSD/Burlington/ Racine, WI!!!

Hunter and The Dirty Jacks (self-release) scored some major licensing for 2015-2016! Listen for them on TV!!!


Queen Esther (self-release) finished #38 in the Top 40 of 2014 on the Alternate Root chart!!!

Luke Wade (self-release) is now on Team Pharrell on The Voice!!! Vote him to the finals!!!

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (Milo Records) just completed a successful tour of Colorado complete with an on-air at KVNF/Paonia and support from KRCC/CO Springs!!!

Pete MacLeod (365) has now signed a management deal with the one & only Alan McGee and has been touring all over the UK and Europe!!!

Chet Vincent & The Big Bend (Wild Kindness) debut #15 single at FMQB this September!!!

Dan Tedesco (self-release) absolutely ROCKED an in-studio at WLUW/Chicago this July!!!

Queen Esther (self-release) is now #162 AMA while Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (Milo) remain in the Top 100 at #98!!!

The Valery Trails (self-released) debut Top 10 at Specialty the week before Memorial Day!!!

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (Milo Records) are now #93 on the AMA chart and scored #4 on the the April FAR chart. Stay tuned!!!

Because of a New Music Monday spin on WNCS/Burlington, Dan Tedesco had a decent turnout on a Monday night in Winter in a town he's basically non-existent in. Radio is STILL RELEVANT!!!

The Deadfields are now #123 on the last AMA chart of February!!!

D.B. Rielly
was invited to do an interview with The Americana Music Show. You can check it out here!!! He is also #5 AGAIN on this month's FAR chart, making it 5 months on the chart, four months straight in the Top 10!!!

The Deadfields hit #130 on the last AMA chart of January!!!

Kathleen Haskard did a live on-air with Radio Free Santa Fe KBAC this January to help promote her show in town and support the ADD they gave her. You can check it out here!!!

Off to a great start with D.B. Rielly and The Deadfields tied for the #5 slot on the FAR chart!!!


To close out 2013, D.B. Rielly is at #88 on the AMA chart and #3 (after 3 months) on the FAR chart!!! The Deadfields crack the Top 200 at #191 on the AMA chart and DEBUT AT #1 ON THE FAR CHART!!!

D.B. Rielly climbs to #108 at AMA this December with the coveted ADD on Sirius-XM, while The Deadfields debut Top 5 Most Added!!!

The new album from D.B. Rielly debuted at #21 on the September FAR chart then jumps to #6 for the October FAR chart!!!

UK artist Pete MacLeod just got signed to Alan McGee's 359 Music label!!!

Minneapolis-based War Poets (self-released) will be playing live and doing an interview on Sirius-XM this June!!!

Singer-songwriter Courtney Yasmineh (Stupid Bitch) will be doing a show for WBSD/Racine with her full band this June. When it's's love, and this station LOVES HER!!!

Unsigned UK artist Pete MacLeod recently played live and did an interview on Sirius-XM...and has exciting news to come!!! Stay tuned!!!

Indie UK band Decade in Exile (self-released) hit the Top 10 with their amazing tune "Patti's Town" this April!!!

Americana artist John Lilly (JaveLina) hit the Top 150 at AMA this April!!!

Reno Divorce (Rusty Knuckles) hit the Top 30 on the FMQB singles chart this March with their tune "Every Second Counts"!!!

Courtney Yasmineh (Stupid Bitch Records) will be performing LIVE on-air on KAXE/Grand Rapids and WBSD/Racine upon release of her latest effort, "Wake Me Up When It's Over", where she is already receiving airplay!!!

The Dukes of Dixieland (self-released) were featured on stations across the country on Fat Tuesday for their newest effort, "Super Bowl @ Mardi Gras 2013"!!!

JJ and the Real Jerks (self-released) were featured LIVE on Sirius-XM this January!!!

Alex Vans (self-released) hit #28 on the FMQB chart!!!


The Deadfields (self-released) move up to #8 on the August FAR chart!!!

The Deadfields (self-released) debut #9 on the July FAR chart and hit #152 on the AMA chart!!! Meanwhile Trailer Radio (Moonshine Martini) debut #13 on the July FAR chart and hit #151 on the AMA chart!!!

Shoebox Letters (self-released) cruise to #6 on the FAR chart for the month of February!!!

Bethpage Black (self-released) debut #14 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chart for March 1!!!

The Valery Trails (self-released) debut at #13 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chart with their gorgeous single, "This Town"!!!

The Great Unknowns (self-release) are now #55 on the AMA chart!!!

The Great Unknowns
(self-release) are now #75 on the AMA chart and debut at #7 on the FAR chart!!! Meanwhile Shoebox Letters (self-release) debut at #13 on the FAR chart!!!

Stellar Corpses (Santa Carla) jump to #6 on the FMQB Specialty chart this week with their single, "Vampire Kiss"!!!

Brett Detar (self-release) is now #71 on the AMA chart while The Great Unknowns (self-release) debut at #167!!!

Brett Detar (self-release) cracks the Top 100 at #86 on the first AMA chart of 2012, while Stellar Corpses (Santa Carla) break the Top 10 of BOTH Specialty charts!!!


Brett Detar (self-release) climbs to #107 on the final AMA chart of the year, posied to crack the Top 100 in 2012!!!

Brett Detar (self-release) debuts #20 on the October FAR chart, and leaps to #115 on the first AMA chart of November!!!

DIGITAL-ONLY Standing Shadows (self-released) debuts at #12 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Specialty chart!!! Meanwhile, after only a half week of promotion, Brett Detar (self-release) debuts on the AMA chart at #216!!!

Kirsten Jones (Fontana North) debuts #13 on the August FAR chart and has climbed to #102 AMA while Shoebox Letters (self-released) debut #22 on FAR!!!

The Sky Drops (Custom Made) stay Top 15 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang this week while Kirsten Jones (Fontana North) debuts at #207 on the AMA chart right on the heels of her CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association) nomination for Roots Artist of the Year!!!

The Sky Drops (Custom Made) climb into the Top 10 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and #17 single FMQB the last week of July with their catchy-as-heck tune, "Explain It To Me"!!!

The Sky Drops (Custom Made) debut #11 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chart while Intimate Stranger (Fringecore) jump back to #10!!!

Intimate Stranger (Fringecore) jump into the top 10 at #8 while Junkyard Empire (Media Roots) debut at #13, a Happy 4th of July indeed!!!

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (self-released) are now #64 on the AMA chart, #3 for the second MONTH on the FAR chart, while Intimate Stranger (Fringecore) come back at #14 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chart!!!

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (self-released) climb to #69 on the AMA chart this week while Intimate Stranger (Fringecore) debut at #11 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chart!!!

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (self-released) start May cracking the Top 100 on the AMA chart at #89, and climb to #3 on the FAR chart for airplay in April!!!

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (self-released) are now #108 on the AMA chart and #54 on the AMA Internet Chart, while The Follow (Oni Music) climb from #19 to #14 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang National Specialty chart!!!

For the top of April, Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue (self-released) debut #5 on the FAR chart and debut on the AMA chart...congrats!!!

D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) is now #47 on the AMA chart and CLIMBING!!! He has also confirmed 5 Festivals for the upcoming months!!! Meanwhile, Emma Dean (Doily) remains Top 15 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chart!!!

D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) remains Top 50 on the AMA chart and is within 20 spins of the Top 40!!! Meanwhile, Australian Emma Dean (Doily) debuts Top 15 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Top 25 FMQB with her infectious cabaret pop!!!

Imagine Dragons (self-released) nab a MAJOR record deal we aren't allowed to talk about yet after being an MP3-ONLY project last year!!!

D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) starts February by cracking the Top 50 of the AMA chart, while How I Became The Bomb (self-released) jump back into the Top 15 on the Specialty chart!!!

D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) jumps to #59 on the AMA chart while How I Became The Bomb (self-released) remain Top 20 on the Specialty chart!!!

How I Became The Bomb (self-released) remain on the Specialty chart at #20 and D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) moves up one more slot to #67 on the AMA chart!!!

First AMA chart of the year, D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) jumps to #68!!!

First Specialty chart of the year, How I Became The Bomb (self-release)'s second radio EP debuts Top 15!!!


Final AMA chart of the year, D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) grabs #2 Most Added and jumps into the Top 100 at #93!!!

Top of December D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) comes in at #5 Most Added on the prestigious AMA chart and jumps to #137 with a bullet, while staying Top 10 on the FAR chart!!!

On the last chart of the year Modern Paranoia (self-released) continued to dominate Specialty, ending up at #13!!!

At the end of November, D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) is now #9 on the FAR chart (after 5 MONTHS on the chart) and is now #11 on the Roots Music Report!!!

Modern Paranoia (self-released) debut Top 10 with their single, "I'm a Bird", then remain Top 15 for two weeks!!!

D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) jumps from #17 top #5 on the internationally recognized FAR chart, makiing it three solid months of support!!! He also claims the #12 slot on the New Music Weekly chart as well as #32 on the global Roots Music Report and #19 on their web chart!!!

How I Became The Bomb (self-released) nab a Top 15 debut for their 2-song radio ONLY EP!!!

D.B. Rielly (Shut Up and Play) maintains a two MONTH stretch in the Top 25 of the FAR chart then breaks the Top 20 in his thirs month!!!

Sky Parade (Custom Made Music) debut Top 10 single AND album on the first chart of August, then rally back into the Top 15 mid-August and stay there one more week to round out the month!!!

Faded Paper Figures (self-release) debut #13 the first week of Summer, then climb to #11 for the 4th of July then into the Top 10 mid-July and are joined by Mobile Wash Unit!!!

Leo Blais (self-released) debuts #15 this lovely mid-May, while Sky Parade (Beat the World) remain there for yet another week!!!

Sky Parade (Custom Made Music/Beat the World) remain Top 15 and are joined by The Lions (self-released) and Derek and the Darling (7 Trick Pony)!!!

Sky Parade (Custom Made Music/Beat the World) debut #13 this week!!!

Newlyweds Radagun (self-release) debut Top 15 this week, clearing the way for a great showcase @ SXSW!!!

Aussies Grand Atlantic (Laughing Outlaw) debut Top 10 the second week of February!!!

Irish rockers SENECA (West Pole) debut #13 on the first chart of the year then rally to hold that slot two weeks later!!!


The Invisible Kid (Bikiniwax) peaks at #10 Thanksgiving week!!!

This Veteran's Day, we had a triple with The Invisible Kid and Aaron Jentzen at #12 while The Literary Greats come in at #13!!!

The Invisible Kid (Bikiniwax) re-appears in the Top 15 (#11) this October!!!

Kiss Mars (self-released) debut Top 15 on this week's FMQB chart and Top 10 on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chart!!!

Little Black Dress (Idol Records) come in at #13 two more weeks, then scores a Top 25 on FMQB this September!!!

Flea Market Poets (Lemontree) score a Top 15 again, and are again mis-listed by the chart. What an August!

Flea Market Poets, Little Black Dress and Electric Valentine all come in Top 10 this August, despite some underhanded bastardness from the chart's publishers.

Letters vs Numbers (self-release) debut Top 15 (#12) the first week of August!!!

Channel Theory (Simply Be Records) debuts Top 10 for the first week in July!!!

The Invisible Kid (Bikiniwax) debuts Top 15 this week!!!

Vesuviasonic (Citation Records) cruise into the Top 10 this June with their catchy tune, "Head-On Collision"!!!

Vesuviasonic (Citation Records) and The Race (Shifty Disco) BOTH debut Top 15 this week, Happy Memorial Day!!!

The Glamorus Youth (Rainy Day Records) debut Top 20 on the first chart of May with their self-titled EP. And ALL tracks but one were spun!!!

Crash Encore (self-released) hit the Top 20 this April with their single, "Take It All'. The band is also releasing a single a week for FREE download. Check it out!!!

The Tombots (unsigned) score a Top 15 this March with their MP3-only single, "Accounts and Thoughts From a Staircase"!!!

ROB (Rise on Belief recordings) debuts Top 20 this March!!!

The Race UK (Shifty Disco) move into the Top 10 this February with their single, "I Get It Wrong", then remain Top 15!!!

The Race UK (Shifty Disco) enters the chart at #11 mid-January, while Lohio (self-released) come in at #13 in their first week!!!

The Parlotones (Sovereign Entertainment) remain in the Top 25 albums for an astounding 3rd week in a row!!!

The Parlotones, Mighty Fairly and SUDDYN ALL debut Top 20 on the first chart of 2009, then Mighty Fairly and The Parlotones continue on to the Top 15 the following week!!!


My Device (Shifty Disco) are Top 15 this week with their incredible album "Jumbo Fiasco", which hasn't even been released in the States yet!!!

Black Tie Dynasty (self-released) are Top 15 this week with their new single, "Cruel Canopy"!!!

The Sleepover Disaster have just signed with Devil in the Woods Records!

The Shys (Aeronaut) debut #11 this September!!!

Computer vs Banjo (Diagram Music) debut #12 this August!!!

The Brontosaur (Grand Caravan) debut #25 this 4th of July!!!

Sky Parade (self-released) debut Top 10 this week with their new EP, "High on Desire"!!!

Letters vs Numbers (self-released) debut #11 this May and remain Top 15 one week later!!!

Voxhaul Broadcast (Retone) debut #8 this May!!!

The Crash That Took Me (Idol Records) debut Top 15 on the ALBUMS chart this April!!!

Glasvegas have JUST signed to Columbia after a lot of grassroots efforts and charting Top 10 in the March issue of Q!!!

Soundpool (Aloft) debuts Top 15 this March with their new single "Do What You Love" and were a featured band on Pitchfork!!!

Red Cavalry (self-released) debuts #23 on the first chart of February!!!

Philpot (Toucan Cove) debut Top 10 then rock into the Top 5 then stay Top 15 on the first charts of 2008!!!


Ken Hyland (self-released) debuts #12 on the last reporting week of the year with his gritty, "Kiss in the Middle"!!!

Digby (Toucan Cove/Label X) debut Top 10 this November with their new EP, "What's Not Plastic?"!!!

Countess of Persia (Parrot on a Porch) debut #10 November 2007 with their infectious, "I Count the Miles"!!!

Caveman (self-released) debut #11 with their unique, "Sinners Grove"!!!

Mexico 70 (Toucan Cove) debuts #5 then remains Top 5 with "Hello Hello" then rallies again 2 weeks later in the Top 15!!! What great October!!!

Crash Encore (self-released) debuts #11 this September with their infectious, "Catastrophe"!!!

Charmparticles (Terrestrial Records) debuts #20 one week before the impact date with their gorgeous, "Gold Plated Shot"!!

Amy Cooper (Retone/Leftwing) debuted Top 15 with her single, "Back Together"!!

Kill the Alarm (G$makr Music) debut #15 with "Fire Away"!!!

Lovemakers (Fuzz) debut #13 with their undeniably catchy, "Whine & Dine"!!!

Sky Parade (self-release) debuts Top 5 then stays Top 10 with their stunning track, "I Feel Surreal"!!!

Adam Franklin (Hi-Speed Soul) debuts then remains Top 10 with "Seize the Day", then cracks the Top 5!!!

Foolproof (Retone Records) debut Top 10 this May with their powerful tune, "Burning Me Over"!!!

Maldroid (Fuzz Records) debut Top 10, stay Top 20 then shoot back up to Top 10 on BOTH the singles & albums chart, then back down to Top 20 single this week, led by their hooky-as-hell tune, "He Said, She Said"!!!

Adam Franklin/Toshack Highway (self-released) was just signed to Hi-Speed Soul Music!!! Congrats, Adam!!!

Shade (Lovely Recordings) appear for 3 weeks in the Top 15 with their new album "Arms Raised on Rooftops" and single "Wide -Eyed"!!!

Locksley (Feature Records) remain in the Top 20 for a solid month with their album & single "Don't Make Me Wait"!!!

Monsters Are Waiting (Retone Records) debut Top 10 with "Last Goodbye"!!!

Van Gunn (Retone Records) debut Top 20 then hit the Top 10 on the first Specialty charts of 2007 with their rock-n-roll, "Pull the Trigger"!!!


The Strange (self-released) debut at #25 on FMQB with their track "Texas"!!!

The Distants (Blue Cave) debut #11 on FMQB with their track, "The Moth Song"!!!

The Singles (Sound Artifacts Music) debut #20 this week with their new single, "Hypnotized"!!!

The Fags (Idol Records) debut Top 10 and stay there for two weeks with their new album "Light Em Up" this week!!!

The Adicts (SOS Records) debut #3 with their new single, "Do It To Me"!!! Then remained in the Top 10 this October!!!

The Receiver (Stunning Models on Display) crash the Top 10 this September!!!

Trash Wednesday (Vesta) hit #11 on the FMQB Albums chart this August!!!

Toshack Highway (self-released) hit the Top 10 on influential web station 3wk!!!

Sky Parade (self-release) debut Top 10 then cruise into the Top 3 with their haunting track, "Losing Control"!!!

Black Tie Dynasty (Idol Records) debut Top 30...then cruise into the Top 20 & end up TOP 10 with their epic-sounding, "Tender"!!!

Margot & the Nuclear So & So's (Standard Recording Co/ Artemis Records) debut in the Top 25 then climb into the Top 5 this March with their soon to be re-released album "The Dust of Retreat"!!!

The Ropes (SinLo) debut Top 10 with their track, "Kill Her Off" this March!!!

The Toy Dolls (SOS Records) hit the Top 30 for the second time in a month this March with their new release, "Our Last Album?"!!!

Masters of the Lunaverse (self-released) debut in the Top 20 with their track "Anonymous" this February...and garned HUGE phones at KUPD/Phoenix!!!

Nous Non Plus (Aeronaut) crash the Top 10 at #6 with their faux-French style on "Lawnmower Boy", they remained in the Top 20 for the past 2 weeks as well...congrats!!!

Andy Guthrie (self-release) is selected as CD of the Month by WYSO, Yellow Springs, OH. CD will be featured premium for funddrive and receive TONS of airplay & web exposure!!!

On the first chart of 2006, Arthur Yoria scores a Top 10, Aces Over Kings a Top 15 and 20goto10 a Top 20. Congrats to all of these self-released bands!!!


Bang Sugar Bang (SoS Records) break into the Top 10 for the last chart of the year after charting in the 20s the weeks after Thanksgiving!!!

Margot & the Nuclear So & So's have JUST signed to NYC-based Artemis Records from Indianapolis-based Standard Recording Company. CONGRATS guys!!!

Instant Camera (Wall to Wall Records) also tied for Top 20 in October during an especially brutal promo period. Congrats guys!

Satisfaction (unsigned) hit the Top 20 this September with their HIT "Nothing, Oh Nothing"!!!

Summer Lawns (Stunning Models on Display) debut #9 and remained in the Top 10, getting as high as #6 week of release (7/19)!!! Congrats!!!

the black watch (Pink Hedgehog) debut in the Top 25@ MediaGuide, #9 with Tripwire this week, congrats!!!

Chalk Outline Party (unsigned) debuted at #25 with their track, "Cobra Youth House" then climbed to #12 THEN INTO THE TOP 10!!! Congrats!!!

Jonathan Coulton (unsigned) debuts Top 10 this June and stays in the Top 16 the following week with his track "Ikea"!!! Jonathan received inquiries from publishing companies as a result...congrats Jonathan!

The Discontent (Sha-La Music) debut in the Top 20, then climbed into the Top 15...then the Top 10 this April!!

Watershed (Idol Records) hit the Top 15 for THREE WEEKS with their obvious radio Hit, "Obvious"!!!

Shade (Lovely) received HEAVY airplay on both and and they also received light to medium airplay on Seattle's KEXP, once again showing their dominance in the Indie Rock world. Congrats for getting on these difficult stations, guys!

Mommy and Daddy (Kanine) rock the Top 20 three weeks straight with their track "Confection"!!!

Waterproof Blonde
(Crash Avenue) debut in the Top 20 albums chart the last week of February with their follow-up album "The Morning After the Night Before", congrats!!!

Lenny (Absolute Records) debut in the Top 15 this week with their track, "Blinded By the Sun"!!!

They Walk In Line (Rock Ridge) debuted Top 15 week of release (2/8) with their track "Heart Attack at 5AM", congrats guys!!!

Seedy Gonzales (Gigantic Music) debut in the Top 10 on the first and second Specialty charts of 2005!!!

Aerovox (unsigned) debuts at #12 on the first Specialty chart of 2005 and remain in the Top 15 for the second week!!!


They Walk in Line have signed with Indie Label Rock Ridge/Sixthman after TWO years of undying Specialty support!!!

Shade (unsigned) received a blurb in December's Spin magazine (the one with U2 on the cover) that reads, "Shade scrape away at their Pittsburgh hometown's rusty veneer, welding synth-heavy hooks with an abrasive guitar shards straight out of the shoegazer handbook." CONGRATS!!!

Squint (unsigned) have recently been accepted for BOTH the Indie movie soundtrack for the film, "Arc" as well as being #2 on an upcoming Sonicbids compilation, beating out 21,000+ other bands, kudos Dane!

Harsh Krieger (Tabula Rasa) crack the Top 15 on the last chart of the year with their track, "Home"!

Hot Lava Monster (unsigned) hit the Top 30 with their rock & roll album "Way of the Dinosaur"!!! They have also been receiving Top 3 phones at KACV, Amarillo for their track "Undertow"!!!

Arthur Yoria (self-release) recently beat out a bajillion other entries in the "Enter the Mix: The OC" contest hosted by the Fox show! His track, "Call Me" will be featured in this season's debut!!!

[DARYL] (Idol Records) hit the Top 20 at Specialty this October/November with their amazing album "Ohio"!!!

Ten Heads High (unsigned) won the Best New Talent award in Los Angeles over Halloween weekend. They were chosen from hundreds of Unsigned acts across the country, which was narrowed down to 15 finalists. Congrats!!!

squint (unsigned) recently made history as the first band EVER to be sponsored by a microphone STAND company. Chosen for their rampant destruction of the mic stand during their live show, it was an easy choice for Atlas Sound. Congrats, guys!!!

Ike Reilly Assassination (Rock Ridge) hit the Top 10 at Specialty this October!!!

Pleasure Technicians (unsigned) were in the Top 30 @ Specialty for three weeks in Sept/Oct with the track "Sly Move"!!!

Skeemin' No Goods (Idol Records) hit the Top 20 @ Specialty with their timely track "Politicians"!!!

The Fags (Idol Records) have signed to Sire Records by the legendary Seymour Stein. The band said that it was their #1 at Specialty that put them over the top! CONGRATS!!!

Arthur Yoria (self-release) got ADDED into REGULAR ROTATION at KACV/Amarillo, Radioio Rock, and KEXP/Seattle. Arthur was Top 10 at Specialty for TWO WEEKS this July!!! Arthur was also chosen as one of five unsigned finalists competing for a slot on the upcoming "OC Soundtrack: Part 2" this week (September 7, 2004)!!!

American Popular (self-release) scored a Top 40 @ Specialty this July!

Unsigned UK act The Rodents cracked the Top 25 this June!

Echobelly (Takeout Records) hit the Top 20 this May!

10 Heads High (unsigned) hit the Top 50 this May with lead track "Evolution Queen". They tied in spins for #14!!!

Ness (unsigned) hit the Top 15 this week with their track, "Where the People Kick It"!!!

BigFastCar (unsigned) have received label inquiries as a result of Specialty airplay on KUPD, Phoenix & KROQ, Los Angeles!

383 Stroker (unsigned) have been ADDED into regular rotation on KACV, Amarillo & have charted in the Top 30 @ Specialty in February with most stations spinning lead track, "Novocaine"!!!

Endochine (unsigned) cracked the Top 10 in February, are in HEAVY on & XM-Unsigned, medium rotation on KACV, Amarillo & have been the featured cd in BOTH FMQB & R&R!!!

Squint (unsigned) debuted in the Top 20 in February after only one week of airplay & received Top 5 phones on KPNT St Louis' show "New Music Sunday"!

Scott Murray (unsigned) was just ADDED into regular Rotation on WBJB, Lincroft, NJ!!!

They Walk in Line (unsigned) debuted at #3 on the R&R chart, #3 album, #7 single on the first FMQB chart of 2004, are in HEAVY rotation on, XM-Unsigned, are in TEST rotation on WOXY & have just been added to!!!


Shade (unsigned) are in regular rotation on XM's Unsigned channel &
will be doing an upcoming Live performance for the channel.

Loretta (Benchmark Records) hit #1 @ Specialty this November!!!

Lordz of Brooklyn (Tunnel Vizion/High Times) have charted in the Top 20 with a cover of Run-DMC's "Sucka MC" (feat Everlast) !!

The Apparitions (unsigned) have been added into REGULAR ROTATION at KACV, Amarillo & have found a management consultant!

The Fags (Idol Records) ROCKED #1 @ Specialty this September!!!

Small Town Sleeper (unsigned) had Top 5 phones for a solid month on KPNT St Louis' Specialty Show "New Music Sunday"!

Nutonic (eastcentralfour) charted @ #21 at the Network Mags!

Tyler Read (unsigned) recently got added to from which they have found management!!

Green Rode Shotgun (unsigned) hit the Top 20 @ Specialty.

Alastor (unsigned) hit the Top 20 @ Uncle, FMQB & Album Network!

Zac Maloy (unsigned) reached as high at #7 Specialty & has seen GREAT response from airplay on KACV, Amarillo.

The Pieces (Benchmark Records) slammed the Top 10 @ Specialty!

Firetrucs (unsigned) hit the Top 10 at Specialty! As a result, the band has received several inquiries from labels & has been able to set up a showcase in NYC. Stay tuned!

They Walk in Line (unsigned) have recently charted in the Top 10 at New Music/Specialty & have received several inquiries from record labels & have begun some regional touring.

Johnny Socko (unsigned) track "Something Better" have also hit the Top 20 at R&R, The Top 25 @ Album Network!

The Suggestions (Mr Duck Records) hit Specialty at #12 single with "Be True" & #15 album at FMQB!!

Paranoid Social Club (Uncle Dealer) have been added into regular rotation at Portland's WCYY, Albany's WEQX & Hanover's WFRD!!!

The Waking Hours (unsigned) hit the Hits Specialty chart at #19!

tvfordogs (Wampus Records) have recently charted in the Top 10 @ Specialty & are looking to come over for their first US Tour this Summer!

Modulator (unsigned) have been approached by a few different record labels due to airplay on WOXY, Oxford, OH & XM Satellite Radio.