In Memoriam


Liz's E-book, "Fundamentals of DIY Radio Promotion", is available here! To purchase, click here


Help prevent animal cruelty AND find yourself a new friend!

Astoria CSA
Local organic produce delivered once a week right here in Astoria!

Absolutely simple interface to write your very deepest thoughts. Or something. Your fans will love you for it...

Outside of your OWN site, this is THE site I'd recommend you sell your discs from. They specialize in Unsigned & Emerging artists.

Copy Cats
The ONLY folks I'd recommend for your duplication needs. Minimum run of 50 available. Talk to Justin, mention Notorious Radio, get 10% off. It's as easy as that!

Duh. Get on it! Reconnect with old friends too.

Food Network
I'm obsessed.

Fuel TV
The online component of the best station on cable TV. They not only show constant Xtreme sports, but they, GASP, show music videos too. And NOT the crappy ones you are flogged constantly by on the "music television" channels. Indie & unknown bands. They also do a LOT of licensing of unsigned acts.

Humane Society
See ASPCA. Support your furry amigos.

Another great resource for bands who are just starting out or want to Do It Themselves.

Invisible Kid
Budding producer/remixer I'd highly recommend for any "electronic" remixes you might want.

Meat Possum Athletic Club
Compiling and releasing the best quarterly PROMO ONLY compilations, promoted by us here at Notorious Radio.

Musicians Atlas
You can pick this up at most of the larger newsstands, or buy it right here. Another invaluable resource for musicians.


New Now Next Music
On the Logo channel, playing the BEST in new music videos, MONTHS before Subterreanean gets around to them. AND you can watch each episode online!

The Onion
Fairly self-explanatory. The BEST newspaper in the WORLD.

My preferred source for getting paid or making payments for goods, services or even Ebay.

Punk Nutrition
Taking YOUR food into YOUR hands. You're picky about everything else, right? Learn how to say no to corporate and governmental food lies. Do it. This is my second company, btw.

Picks up where the O.G. MP3.com left off...and presents it in a fresh new way.

Renewable Choice
Your way to replace your electric credits on the grid with wind credits. And for only pennies a day.

Reverb Nation
Another fantastic way to submit your music to Industry folks. And a LOT less annoying than MySpace.

Sonic Bids
One of my favorite ways to receive info about a new artist. And their network is outrageous.

You'll never have to go to the Post Office again.

Sweet Afton

Our local. Great food, microbrews, music and people.

Tinderbox Music
The ONLY College radio promotion company I would recommend. Hands down the nicest, stand up folks you will have behind your record.
This company is why we don't do College Radio. They're THAT good!

Trader Joe's
My favorite store. Stock up for less! Organic quinoa for 99 cents!

Stay connected with your fans with only one sentence a day.

NY Liberty
This is about the ONLY sport I enjoy outside of Xtreme sports. It's a great experience & some of the best Basketball in the World!

X Games
Both winter and summer...I can't get enough!

You Tube
My favorite time waster and way to discover new bands. Shoes! Montgomery Flea Market. Chocolate Rain. They're ALL here.