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AAA/Non-Comm is one of the most musically passionate formats out there, which is why we promote to them. On this page you can check out our current offerings in audio (below) and visual (below that), and you can click through to learn even more about our roster. Enjoy!

Current AAA Artists


Vincent Poag (Danal Music), from NYC


The thoughts and dreams of an 8-year-old mind are strong enough to last a lifetime.

Vincent Poag was born and raised in a blue-collar section of Massapequa, Long Island. Born in the 50's, he was exposed to, and a product of, the Broadway musical era; the music of Gershwin, Porter and Rogers and Hammerstein. As a teen, Poag saw singers like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley give way to a unique new breed of musician - the singer/songwriter. Influenced by the explosive cultural shift of the 60's, led by such icons as Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Vincent Poag began his musical journey.

"I've been influenced by many great artists but Bob Dylan inspired me."

Fast forward to 2008… on a lark as a birthday gift his wife bought him a series of guitar lessons. Now Poag, more settled in his career and family, could revisit his first love and explore his musical potential. The dream that so long ago was put on hold, and the songs that had been tucked away in a drawer were revitalized. Somewhere between hope and possibility in a voice somewhere between Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Randy Newman, Vincent Poag was reborn.

The dreams that were put on hold have become material that demands to be heard.

His sophomore album, For The Girls, was released in April 2014, and is proving to be a continuation of Poag's unique expressionism. For The Girls, which, as Poag states, "represents man's inept struggle with the opposite sex," "Scarlett & Me," the first single which he wrote "in a lighthearted complimentary spirit with the hope of cracking of smile," "Momma," a heartwarming homage to his "favorite girl," and the Bourbon Street flair of "New Orleans" are just a few of the standout songs in Poag's impressive catalog.

Poag's musical strength lies in his ability to tell a story or describe a feeling that compels you to listen to his lyrics but it's his melody that transports you and draws you in. Poag moves easily from reggae to blues, jazz to rock. He never repeats and always surprises.

Lead single, "Scarlett & Me" goes for ADDS July 21.
You can learn more here.


Queen Esther (EL Recordings), from NYC


Queen Esther is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, librettist, playwright, actor and recording artist.

Queen Esther grew up as the middle child and the only daughter in the semi-rural environs of the Deep South with six brothers, a  four-octave range and an IQ that set her firmly in the gifted program for English and creative writing as a five year old. While attending a  prestigious performing arts high school in Atlanta GA, she thrived in citywide productions. As luck would have it, she chose the University of Texas and exploded in  the local music scene in Austin as a member of Ro-Tel and the Hot Tomatoes, a regional favorite specializing in girl group music that began as a gag in the infamous local comedy/theater troupe Esther’s Follies.

It was guitarist “Big Al” Gilhausen who introduced her to the legendary blues guitar icon Hubert Sumlin. Because of his immediate influence, she lost herself in the blues and found her way back to her country gospel roots. This, along with a childhood of free-form radio on the airwaves, augmented by a steady diet of Hee-Haw, The Lawrence Welk Show and Soul Train – and the overwhelming presence of the rural sanctified black church, filled with sacred steel – solidified her Black Americana sound.

She then moved to NYC where she expanded her influences and experiences with neo-vaudeville, alt-theater, various alt-rock configurations, (neo) swing bands, trip hop DJs, spoken word performances, jazz combos, jam bands, various blues configurations, original Off Broadway plays and musicals, experimental music/art noise and performance art. While fermenting her sound, Queen Esther recorded and performed with Grammy Award-nominated composer/pianist JC Hopkins’ Biggish Band, recorded and toured internationally with jazz guitar icon James “Blood” Ulmer as frontperson for his trio Blues Experience Raw and garnered a publishing deal with Bug Music. Her vocals and songwriting are a strong presence on Mr. Ulmer’s black-folk album Blues & Grass: The 52nd St. Blues Project (Chesky). All Music Guide says: “(But) as great as (Blues & Grass) is, Ulmer fans have heard much of this music before; the real revelation on this album is Queen Esther, whose uplifting songs and great singing are definite highlights on a consistently strong album. Just see if you can get ‘Sunnyland’ or ‘I’m Goin’ out of your head at the end of the disc.”

Queen Esther continues to tour internationally with Mr. Ulmer in various configurations, including The Black Rock Experience (with drummer G. Calvin Weston and bassist Mark Petersen) and Odyssey (with drummer Warren Benbow and violinist Charles Burnham), as well as her own projects.

New album The Other Side impacts May 19-20. You can learn more about one of my favorite artists here.

Ed Roman (MTS), from Ontario, Canada.


Ed Roman made his solo debut with 2011’s critically praised, Oracles And Ice Cream. With 2014’s Letters from High Latitudes, Ed Roman has created an earthy, funky and magical mix of music to seduce the listeners’ ears! An accomplished musician, Ed performs 90 percent of the instruments on this album, recording drums, bass, guitars, organ, vocals and even sitar! The sound is rounded out with help from some of the top Canadian session musicians like Dave Patel on drums (Sass Jordan) and Mike Freedman on electric guitars (Tia Brazda.) Sit back, get mellow and listen to this truly skillful musician weave a tapestry of enchantment from an eclectic fabric of musical styles.

“He’s seriously imaginative, creative and an all-round talent.  Ed plays some hot licks, writes some inspired lyrics, and has a whacked out sense of arrangement peppered with what might be a university major in politics and sarcasm.” –Lisa Watson, In The Hills

Suggested single, "I Told You So" goes for ADDS May 5-6.
You can learn more here.

The Valery Trails (self-released), from Houston, TX and Brisbane, Australia


Andrew Bower (vocals/guitars), an expatriate Australian currently living in Houston, enlisted his brother Sean Bower (bass) and Dan McNaulty (drums) from his hometown of Brisbane, Australia to form The Valery Trails. With the assistance of the internet and some intercontinental travel, the trio developed a set of songs started in Andrew's home studio into The Valery Trails' debut album Ghosts and Gravity, released in February 2012.

As well as great reviews, Ghosts and Gravity has received airplay on college and specialty radio in the US and community radio in Australia. Internet radio has been particularly supportive, with rotation play continuing for several months after the album's release date.

Praise for Ghosts and Gravity:

"Marvelously moody and melancholy, this album broods it up with often beautiful and captivating results. ... An intoxicating cocktail of sheer aural pleasure." - Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat

"If you’re looking to make your road movie about wide-open spaces and foolish choices coming back to haunt you, this just might be your soundtrack." - David Maine, PopMatters

In July 2013, after some online exchanges of tracks and ideas, The Valery Trails reconvened in Brisbane to record their second album, this time with the luxury of a full week in the studio together. Producer Tim Steward (from legendary Brisbane band Screamfeeder) was engaged to help whip the songs into shape, and this more traditional approach than the debut album with more time spent with the whole band together in one room is reflected in Buffalo Speedway’s vibrant energy and cohesiveness.

After returning to the US, Andrew travelled to Brooklyn to mix the album with Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Sebadoh, Spacehog), and the album was also mastered for digital and vinyl in Brooklyn by Joe Lambert (Local Natives, Animal Collective, Deerhunter and many more). The result is the astonishing Buffalo Speedway which shows the band poised and ready to build on the solid base already in place.

Lead single "Starsong" goes for ADDS May 19-20.
You can learn more here.

War Poets (self-released), from Minneapolis, MN


Pop-rock band War Poets are uncompromising social justice advocates with a refreshingly inviting approach to expressing their ideals. They infiltrate the pop-rock genre using smart hooks and compelling narratives to gracefully invite listeners to consider their social and political perspectives. “The songs we write have messages, but we like to pass these on in stories so they’re more relatable,” says Rex Haberman, the band’s primary creative force.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based group has garnered favorable comparisons to Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and the Replacements. Like the aforementioned artists, War Poets draw on Americana, pop, and rock to achieve an aesthetic that’s refined but rootsy.

Lead single, "American Police State" from the EP of the same name goes for ADDS June 23-24.
You can learn more here.