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Welcome to AAA/Non-Comm!!!

AAA/Non-Comm is one of the most musically passionate formats out there, which is why we promote to them. On this page you can check out our current offerings in audio (below) and visual (below that), and you can click through to learn even more about our roster. Enjoy!

Current AAA Artists

Giulia Millanta (Ugly Cat Music), from Austin, TX via Florence, Italy.


A funambulist is a tight rope walker. A person who connects two places that are far away, or separated. Originally from Florence, Italy, Giulia Millanta moved to Austin in 2012 after touring Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and other parts of the United States. Her travels have contributed greatly to her musical journey and the development of a songwriting style that explores what it means to be a part of this human experience.

Giulia began singing and playing the guitar from a young age, mostly performing traditional folk songs. Over the span of her musical career, she has created three albums of which she wrote all the music, while also being responsible for the production and arrangements. Her approach as a singer songwriter conveys a range of tones, from melancholic solo pieces to feisty and danceable folk songs as performed through English, Italian, Spanish and French. Her music transcends cultural boundaries stylistically as evoked in her lyrics ability to portray universal life experiences.

The Funambulist is Giulia’s fourth release, and one of her most conceptual projects. The album reflects on the contemplation that traveling brings, a chance to look out the window of a moving car and ponder the lives and situations of others in a new environment. She communicates longing, joy, regret, hope, and the importance of risk: the will to leave what is comfortable in order to attain a greater understanding of existence.

When you travel, you are somehow suspended, you are in no place and no time. This can invite a great a sense of unsettlement but if you’re willing to dance and make music on that tightrope, you also get a chance to think and evaluate all the things we often don’t take enough time to think about.

Suggested single, "Lost In Space" goes for ADDS October 6-7.
You can learn more here.

Nuclear Honey (self-released), from Raleigh, NC


"If you can't hear, then we probably aren't the band for you."

Prior to forming Nuclear Honey, Reaves Greer and Gray Henderson played in Raleigh, NC based bands, Ascella Vega and Sign of the Rhino as drummer and guitarist respectively. After each band came to an end, they decided to take a new, more natural approach to music where they would be managing the instruments in which their songwriting takes place. This moved Reaves out from behind the skins to join Gray on guitar. Each having written a number of new songs between Sign of the Rhino and the formation of Nuclear Honey in late Fall of 2011, they leisurely recorded four songs with longtime friend Dave Bartholomew in the front office of his family's tombstone engraving business. The four tracks were released in July of 2012 as their debut EP appropriately entitled, "Tombstone Sessions." Their follow-up EP Nobody Panic features the band in a more fully realized vibe, taking the listener through various notes of Americana and jam, making live audiences dance.

Suggested single, "Long Tome Comin" goes for ADDS August 4-5, 2014.

You can learn more here.



Strange Culprits (self-released), from Berkeley, CA.


Strange Culprits creates genre-defying music that draws inspiration from rock, pop, classic R&B, and folk. They aims to flip the bird at being constrained to one style of music, choosing instead to operate by the simple credo that a good song is a good song, whether it was inspired by Motown, Woody Guthrie, or Cheap Trick. To put it in terms of contemporary bands, Strange Culprits is somewhere between White Denim, James Blake, and The National. Listenable and something immediately familiar, they have released the Self Contained EP, lead single "Baby I'm Down" goes for ADDS September 16.
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Chet Vincent & the Big Bend (Wild Kindness), from Pittsburgh, PA.


Chet Vincent & The Big Bend is a five-piece rock band based out of the unique cultural oddity that is Pittsburgh. They combine the raw electric energy of heavy blues and modern indie/alt. rock with haunting and sometimes heartwarming songwriting in the spirit of the American folk tradition.  The band produced, recorded, and mixed Unconventional Dog in drummer Abe Anderson’s childhood home, developing an album largely inspired by the alternative rock of the 90s, as well as the classic rock of the 60s and 70s, that they all grew up listening to and playing. Yet the sound is new for the band, a signal of newly discovered maturity and comfort in their skin. With this effort, they’ve announced that they are in debt to no one but their ever-wandering muses.

Suggested single, "Doubter's Blues"
(which was featured on The World Cafe w/David Dye)
GOES FOR ADDS September 8-9.
You can learn more here.


Luke Wade (self-released), from Fort Worth, TX


Growing up on Hurt Street in a sultry little Texas town might seem an auspicious beginning for a soul singer. But for Dublin’s Luke Wade, it’s hard to imagine that it would be anything short of destiny.

Born of extraordinary artists and self-described ‘Hippies’, Luke is the product of a home that truly cultivated creativity. The youngest of four children, his music is the modern manifestation of the introspective and enlightened notions instilled by his parents. Bob and Wanda spawned a self- awareness that makes Luke’s music inherently reflective, without need of gimmick or novelty. His insightful and thoughtful lyrics make it easy to imagine that if Hurt Street were located in some distant galaxy, this is still the music he would create.

An unlikely series of childhood ailments provided Luke with an early sense of perspective that many never find even as adults. A bout of spinal meningitis proved almost fatal, a paintball accident left him blind in one eye and some years later a severe heatstroke left him struggling to overcome temporary brain damage and amnesia. And though these experiences inevitably influence his music, it is not in the fatalistic way you might expect. While his songs may have that soulful ‘written on the porch because the house was too damned hot’ feel, the end result is a style that feels ever hopeful.

It is but a few times in a generation that an artist comes along with the potential to reflect so honestly the human condition. Such a calling requires a humility and self-awareness that seldom find an artist until late in his career, when he’s turned the corner from idealistic to philosophical. Often young singer-songwriters aspire to draw a picture with words, a melodic expression of the visual, hoping to capture a single meaningful moment in time. Luke aspires to capture our journey through it - and his sophomore album, “The River”, speaks to a brilliant departure on that journey.

The spring release of “The River” and a swell of media coverage have prompted renewed comparison to the likes of Ray LaMontagne. Each stylistically unique, Luke surrounds himself with exceptional musicians and remains keenly aware as to his place in the musical equation. His incomparable musicality requires more of the accompaniment than just support of the lyric, he allows it to build a distinctive setting in which to tell his story. When performing with his full band, Luke’s boisterous horn section and soulful voice are the perfect paring of audacity and nuance.

Luke’s writing is always honest and never self-indulgent, creating music that feels as much a part of the listener as the artist. His ‘damaged in transport but absolutely delivered’ charm has endeared him to his audience and encouraged a rabid following wherever he performs. Instinctively, Luke seems to realize that his success is always secondary to the song, resulting in a refreshing vulnerability that you couldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Music is at once frivolous and necessary. That rare artist willing to embrace this idea will become timeless, making the music that comes to describe generations and cultures, not simply as historical narrative, but as a conscious identity by which we willingly choose to define ourselves in real time.

Meet Luke Wade. Finalist on The Voice on Team Pharrell.
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