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Welcome to AAA/Non-Comm!!!

AAA/Non-Comm is one of the most musically passionate formats out there, which is why we promote to them. On this page you can check out our current offerings in audio (below) and visual (below that), and you can click through to learn even more about our roster. Enjoy!

Current AAA Artists

RX Bertoldi (Time Works Music), from Seattle, WA


"I listened to a lot of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones as a kid, and later, Tom Waits.  Their music led me to many other musicians, including Robert Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Little Walter, and more.  After while, just listening no longer cut it.  I wanted to try to make some music.  So I got an acoustic guitar and started learning to play from the recordings of the musicians mentioned above.  I later figured out some basic harmonica and drums, bought a four-track cassette recorder and started "writing" my own songs.  It was a nice surprise to find that folks (besides family and friends) liked my music, even some industry pros."

He also caught the attention of SEVERAL songwriting contests and was a finalist in the 2013 Mountain Stage competition. His last CD got airplay on loads of radio including Sirius-XM. His latest release, Step Up To The Present has already been accepted by Pandora as well as starting to receive critical acclaim. RX Bertoldi hopes to keep the momentum going when radio at large receive the album.
Suggested single "Step Out Of The Way" impacts radio on February 17, 2014.
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Deena (Life Force Records), from Hoboken, New Jersey


Deena began her music career as co-founder of The Cucumbers, a leading band in the 80s indie pop scene in Hoboken, NJ, with reviews in Rolling Stone and People Magazine and videos on MTV.  Deena's songwriting has been called "direct and artful," by the New York Times, her voice "…incredible: kidstuff and wisdom merged," by the Village Voice. Her songs have been recorded by Jackson Browne and Dar Williams and featured in films and on network TV. Her latest effort Rock River seamlessly blends her songwriting and storytelling with an inspired Americana backdrop, lush vocals, and hooks galore.
Suggested single "Brint It All" impacts March 17-18.
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Dan Tedesco (self-released), from Nashville, TN.


Dan Tedesco is the quintessential modern-day troubadour, narrating the American experience in song honestly and intimately, and with a big sound to boot. A solo artist, Tedesco's stage show is framed by a minimalist production that finds him belting out folk-spiced rockers from behind both acoustic and electric guitars while foot-stomping percussion rounds out many of the arrangements—this is one solo artist who won't seem out of place on a bill with rock bands. Interludes at the piano lighten the mood a little, but only a little, as the distorted Rhodes and Wurly sounds only contribute to Dan's stage presence. Overall, you can expect the twang of John Prine, the attitude of Ike Reilly, the picking of Steve Goodman, and shades of Paul Simon. Similarities aside, however,
Dan Tedesco is at one extremely talented and intensely original.

Dan Tedesco's new full-length, Death In The Valley, on which he worked once again with Duane Lundy (Shangri-La Productions/Lexington, KY) in the Engineer/Producer chair. Focusing on themes concerning the recession, isolation, identity, control (or a lack thereof), responsibility and most importantly hope, a narrative is carved out and supported by a very organic, stripped-down production touch.
Suggested single, "Over The Rise" impacts Monday, February 17.
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Luke Wade and No Civilians (self-released), from Fort Worth, TX.


Some musicians seek the artist’s life; others are born into it. For Texas-based singer-songwriter Luke Wade, it turns out both are true. Wade, a Texas native whose sophomore album, The River, arrives March 21, has been a fixture of stages Southern and otherwise for more than a decade. The son of a painter and dancer who grew up in a family of creatives, he decided years ago that his future lay not in the studies he’d been pursuing — astronomy, physics and engineering, you know, the easy stuff — but on stages and scenes telling his stories.“I really think that’s why I’m on this planet,” he says. “I never sit in my house and play songs for myself. It’s all about what they do for other people, that shared experience.”

That experience will get a little bigger with The River, a set full of the rock, pop, soul and folk songs that have made Luke Wade and No Civilians a Texas draw for years. It would have been sooner, but Wade says it needed time to properly marinate. “It’s where you’re trying to sauté the vegetables, cook the meat and bake everything — you want everything to be done at the same time, so it’s hot and ready.”

As such, the new album is an honest look at his life in lyrical form. “As Long As She Knows” is about understanding that your passions are part of who you are — and hoping you find a partner with that shared understanding. “Eyes on the Horizon” finds Wade struggling to focus on what’s important amid the noise, cell phones, cars. And the title track, “The River,” is about transitions. “It goes from me singing about the river, seeing that it takes things towards the oceans, toward a bigger place, and then realizing that you’re part of it. You’re always in it. Always on your way.”

He’s backed by No Civilians, a group that’s both a band and a concept. The name came from an old bandmate; Wade and a handful of musicians were looking to jam after a club show one night, but the serious-minded bandmate had a request of the attendees: “No civilians.” Wade says the name has expanded to mean that people who live music. Its members are revolving — sometimes they’ll play as a three-piece, five-piece or six-piece — but its members have one shared trait; A deep dedication to the music.

And a lot of human beings are reacting: The River was 100% crowd-funded this summer via a Kickstarter campaign. That’s the kind of fan base that can’t be invented. He's hoping the human beings in radio respond in kind as well when his soulful, heartfelt tunes reach their desks.
Suggested single, "The Runaround" impacts March 17-18.
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Wicked Saints (self-released), from Los Angeles, CA


Wicked Saints (a.k.a. The Oxymorons of Rock)
Raw organic music with NO artificial sweeteners. It’s GOOD for you!
“Our slogan isn’t completely true,” says Wicked Saints lead singer Paul McCarty. "Some is slightly toxic.” Wicked Saints' music is a cool eclectic mix of styles – from folk-rock, americana, swampy Louisiana grooves to reggae styled pop/blues, a driving beat, or sweet and heartfelt. Our second album, Don’t Kill The Blackbird, is complete and out with 13 tracks. It was co-produced by Paul McCarty and Brad Swanson at Brad's studio,Swansound Recording in Woodland Hills, CA (which has neither woodlands nor hills but is otherwise quite nice.)

Although folk-influenced, their songs seek stranger directions melodically, harmonically and lyrically, sometimes drawing upon his childhood influences like Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot and Led Zeppelin, and sometimes resorting to some college-knowledge. “I almost always start with a groove and a melody and then fit words into the melody. Each individual song might have it’s own message. For example, Todd Palin should leave his wife, or Paul will never have a successful relationship, or Be kind to blackbirds.”

Born in New Orleans, Paul is a lifelong Saints fan, thus the band name.
“New Orleans has a great musical tradition as everyone knows. I'm less influenced by it than you would think I am, but more influenced by it than I think I am.”

Suggested single, "River Of Fire" looks for airplay April 7-8.
You can learn more here.

Wild Adriatic (self-released), from Glens Falls, NY


Calling to mind the soulful, dynamic sounds of 70s giants such as Led Zeppelin and Mountain, Wild Adriatic have won early acclaim from outlets like USA Today and Rolling Stone
who featured the track "Woe" as their Daily Download.

“A rock 'n' soul stomper punctuated by horn blasts and garage-rock guitar chords.” – USA Today

“Seamlessly fusing ’70s-brand fuzzed up rock, rhythm & blues, soul, and funk, Wild Adriatic are a throwback that feels as fresh and current as anything else out there.” – Goodbye Babylon

The band have also played across the country including such "gets" as CMJ (official) and SXSW (official). They've opened for everyone from MuteMath to Phantogram and played Gathering of the Vibes, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. They are INCREDIBLE and I'm personally excited to be working with them.

Suggested single, "Woe" GOES FOR ADDS April 21-22.
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